About us

Cyrus & Priya Vandrevala Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide significant funding and aid contributions for those suffering from mental health problems and illnesses in India.
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What we do

Cyrus & Priya Vandrevala Foundation was founded and funded by Priya Hiranandani-Vandrevala and Cyrus Vandrevala in 2008. The charity aims to provide significant aid and funding for those suffering from mental health issues in India.

Current programmes  include:

A national mental health Initiative in India, with an anti-stigma campaign to dispel negative beliefs about mental illnesses.

A 24-7 Mental Health helpline to aid patients, their relatives and others struggling with mental health problems. The Helpline currently operates Pan India. Advice and assistance is available in English, Hindi and all major Indian regional languages.

Counselling also available through chat, email and WhatsApp directly from the website

Support in restructuring the Thane Mental Hospital, which has the capacity of supporting 1,856 people in its beds.

Cyrus & Priya Vandrevala Foundation continues in its efforts to tackle problems including; lack of treatment, lack of resources and facilities for the mentally ill and social discrimination against those suffering with mental health problems.

Investment Philosophy

Cyrus & Priya Vandrevala Foundation is a non-profit organisation run like a for-profit business. Our focus is on maximising profits however, these are social profits. The Foundation supports entrepreneurial social projects for which local governments are not able or willing to provide funding.

We view these projects as if they were start-ups, having the ability to become successful with proper financing and support. These projects receive initial funding from us but have the potential to later secure additional funding from local governments, as well as support for implementation on a national level.

Our Founders

Priya Hiranandani-Vandrevala and Cyrus Vandrevala founded and fund the Vandrevala Foundation and we have a strong team leading our mental health initiatives in India.

Priya Hiranandani Vandrevala

Priya Hiranandani-Vandrevala

Priya Hiranandani-Vandrevala is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with business interests in real estate and technology. She is a partner of Intrepid Capital Partners, a global investor focused on private growth equity investments.

In 2011, the World Economic Forum (WEF) named Priya to its Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL). For the WEF’s 2012 annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Priya served as Chairman of the Steering Board of the WEF’s Real Estate Community.

Mrs. Hiranandani-Vandrevala also serves on the board of the American School in London and is a patron of the Elephant Family, whose goal is to halt the massive decline in numbers of the endangered Indian elephant. Priya is a Chartered Accountant and a post-graduate from Mumbai University.

Cyrus Vandrevala

Cyrus Vandrevala

Cyrus Vandrevala is a leading private equity investor who has been a pioneer in investing in private companies by utilising cross-border synergies. Mr. Vandrevala has founded and successfully operated companies in the U.S., Europe, India and the Middle East. He currently serves as Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Intrepid Capital Partners.

To-date, Mr. Vandrevala through various investment groups has invested in over 100 companies. He received the Global Investor of the Year Award at the 2017 Asian Business Awards. Mr. Vandrevala is also a well-known international philanthropist and is co-founder of the Vandrevala Foundation, improving mental health in India.

ICP also has a network of relationships that Mr. Vandrevala and Mr. Musser have developed over the decades.ICP has access to a variety of professionals available either as consultants or as entrepreneurs-in-residence. These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, and include former Fortune 500 CEOs, retired government officials, and professors and other academic personalities.

Satyamev Jayate amir khan vandrevala foundation

Satyamev Jayate Makes an Impact

Hyacinth Pereira, Senior Vice President of the Vandrevala Foundation, reports on the volume and range of calls received after the Foundation's mental health helpline number was shared on the popular Indian television talk show Satyamev Jayate (English: Truth Alone Prevails) hosted by popular Bollywood actor and filmmaker Aamir Khan.

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