Frequently Asked Question

Q. What are the signs that say your mental health is not great and require help

  • Feeling low or down
  • Confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate
  • Excessive fears or worries, or extreme feelings of guilt
  • Extreme mood changes of highs and lows
  • Withdrawal from family, friends and activities
  • Significant tiredness or low energy
  • Detachment from reality (delusions), paranoia or hallucinations
  • Inability to cope with daily problems or stress
  • Unhealthy coping styles to deal with stress
  • Increased incidence of physical ailments
  • Sudden changes in personality and behaviour
  • Trouble understanding and relating to situations and to people
  • Problems with alcohol or drug use
  • Major changes in eating habits
  • Inability to be productive at work/studies
  • Dramatic change in sleep patterns
  • Sex drive changes
  • Excessive anger, hostility or violence
  • Suicidal thinking

Q. What are the conditions that the helpline deals with

  • Anxiety disorders (Generalized anxiety, Social anxiety, Separation Anxiety
  • Panic disorders
  • Depression
  • Workplace related issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Marital issues
  • Life transitions
  • Study related issues (exam anxiety, concentration)
  • Mental Health issues in Elderly
  • Grief
  • Addiction (gaming, gadget, alcohol, substance)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Impulse control disorders
  • Postpartum, PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder)
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Eating and sleep disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Bipolar affective disorder
  • Sexual and identity disorders (Gender Dysphoria)

Q. Is whatever I share with the counsellor, private and confidential?

Ans - Yes, all information shared by a client with the counsellors is safe, secure and confidential.

Q. We hear a long message before the call is connected, is that necessary?

Ans - Yes, as per government regulations it is mandatory to inform clients that the conversation will be recorded. Please bear with us. If you are unable to connect to a counsellor, please call back. Our counsellors may even call back. Please note that the number which you will see on your phone will be +91 8048166625 and not 9999666555. Please take the call.

Q. What happens if no one picks the call or chat?

Ans - It is our goal to answer call and WhatsApp messages as soon as possible.But there are times when the traffic on the helpline is very heavy. Our counsellors will reach out to you as soon as they can. Calling us back in rapid succession actually overloads the system. Be assured that someone has noted your call and will call you back.

Q. Will I get to talk with the same counsellor?

Ans - We understand the need to speak to the same individual. But this is not possible because, we are a 24x7 operation. Our counsellors work in shifts. So it is quite likely that when you call back , the specific counsellor you are looking for, may not be on duty. All our counsellors are equally trained and qualified, so go ahead and speak to/chat with the counsellor who has picked up your conversation.

Q. Is there still a way to reach the same counsellor who I was comfortable sharing my concerns with ?

Ans - We will soon be starting our Paid Premium service where you can choose a counsellor from our panel. Once you have done so, you schedule a call and speak to the same counsellor, after closing payment and appointment time you can talk as many time to the same counsellor.

Q. How many times can I call on the free helpline?

Ans - Please remember that the free helpline is a crisis intervention helpline and should be used for an emergency only. Our counsellors usually handle calls coming in quick succession, mostly from those who are in acute distress and really need the support. If it's not an emergency, please think about calling at another time if you can't get through the first time. As mentioned before, repeated calling can clog the system. After the initial session you can call the free service a maximum three or four times in a month.

Q. What if I cannot afford Premium Paid sessions after sometime?

Ans - Please let your expert counsellor know about your situation and they will discuss the situation internally at the foundation and get back to you.

Q. Can I ask for a counsellor who can speak a specific regional language?

Ans - Our counsellors speak multiple Indian regional languages. You can ask the counsellor who has taken your call to inform the team about your language preference. If the specific language counsellor is unavailable at that time, they will call you back when they login next.

Q. Can I chat in Hindi or any other regional languages?

Ans - No

Q. Can I ask for a female/male counsellor considering the issue I am facing?

Ans - Yes you can. You can ask the counsellor attending your call to inform the team and if the specific gender preference counsellor is available, he/she will reach out to you.

Q. How do I know that I am suffering from a mental disorder?

Ans - If you are feeling that your mental health may be suffering, you can record your symptons and take a few tests available online. But these are not very accurate. The best way is to speak to a professional therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists.

Q. I have taken a self-test and diagnosed as ....What do I do now?

Ans - Get Yourself assessed and diagnosed by a licensed/registered therapist and proceed with the recommended treatment plan.

Q. Why is call/chat being recorded? Can I request for it to be deleted? If so, how can that be done?

Ans - As per government regulations all conversations are stored and cannot be deleted upon anyone's request.

Q. I am seeking help for a friend with a mental health issue. Can you give some tips on how I can help my friend?

Ans - Crisis intervention or counselling requires training and expertise. We would advise you not to attempt counselling if you are not a trained professional. The best way to help them is to encourage them to speak to a professional therapist. As an organization we do not offer solutions or training to friends, family, and caregivers for the same reason.

Q. If I ask you to call a friend/family member who is suffering from a critical mental health condition, would you talk to him/her?

Ans - We don't call anyone indirectly based on such request. We encourage you to share our contact details and ask the person seeking support to contact us directly.

Q. I am on ______medication and I want to know if I should continue or modify my medication. Can you advise me on this?

Ans - Medications are prescribed by psychiatrists and is out of scope of work for counsellors. We encourage you to continue to engage with the same psychiatrist who has prescribed these medicines.

Q. What happens if no one picks the call or chat?

Ans - It is our goal to answer call and WhatsApp messages as soon as possible. But there are times when the traffic on the helpline is very heavy. Our counsellors will reach out to you as soon as they can. Calling us back in rapid succession overloads the system. Be assured that someone has noted your call and will call you back.

Please call the alternate helplines mentioned at the bottom of the page.

AASRA - 9820466726

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