Focus on your mental health first

When you show the courage to heal and grow, everyone around you benefits
We offer paid consultation through video/telephone to provide the necessary support in improving your mental wellbeing

Regular consultation with experts of your choice
Cost: Starting at Rs. 500 per session
Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour
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Why choose Vandrevala Foundation Paid Consultation?
Trained Mental Health Practitioners
Private and confidential
Consultation on the go

Chat face-to-face with our Mental Health Practitioners

Opening up about your mental health is the first step towards recovery.
Whether you need someone to lend an ear, or advice on how to calm the storm in your mind, live video/telephonic consultation therapy with our qualified experts will help you cope better. Our counsellors will assist you in taking the next steps towards healing mentally and emotionally.

How it works

Select a consultant
Choose from a list of expert recommendations.
Book an appointment
Pick a date and time that is available for your preferred consultant. Our therapy sessions last up to an hour.
Start therapy
You can also extend a session or book follow-on appointments after your first session.
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Prioritize your mental health
Take the first step. Call us to re-set, re-energies and re-build your life.

1 in 3

people who message or call us are anxious or suicidal

10 lakh+

confidential conversations have been participated in


universities/colleges have sent us students/interns for training
“Took help for my panic attack on 28 August 2021 at 6.54 am. Counselor was really empathic and helped me tide over. Writing this email to express my gratitude towards help given by counselor and Vandrevala Foundation”
“Thanks Vandrevala Foundation and all the counsellor for being with from last nine months. Previous counsellors were quite helpful, now also they are. Thanks at for your valuable time.
I will rate Vandrevala 10/10”
“I used to feel disturbed with a lot that was happening in my life. I felt nice after talking to you. Sometimes, we get lost in life and finding the right advice is a blessing. I received it from Vandrevala Foundation. Thank you so much. Things are better now”
“It was a great experience with Vandrevala mental health organization. The counselor was very patient and was very supportive
and listened to my pain I felt
so happy thank you”

Meet our network of mental health experts

We are associated with a highly qualified team of some of the best names in Psychology who come with years of experience in providing excellent care.

Our consultants cover a range of specific areas to meet your concerns
Relationship issues
Alcohol/Substance addiction
Post-Traumatic stress
Study-related concerns
Eating/Sleep-related issues
Job/Career concerns

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