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Focus on your mental health first. When you show the courage to heal and grow, everyone around you benefits.

Need someone to talk to or chat with? We are here for you.
Why choose Vandrevala Foundation mental health counselling?
Trained counsellors
Private and confidential
Operate 24 X 7 X 365

How We Can Help

We provide free mental health support and psychological counselling to all those who need it. You can call or WhatsApp from anywhere in India at any hour of the day or night.

Free 24 X 7 X 365 Mental Health Support

Free mental health support service is available 24X7X365 days. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. A single conversation may help you feel much better.

Paid Consultation

Opt for one or more rounds of paid video/telephonic consultations/therapy sessions with our expert counsellors of your choice to deal with mental health concerns that need extensive, continuous support.

Skill Academy

Employees and Volunteers, most of who have a background in Psychology, are trained by experienced and licensed mental health professionals. It is compulsory for all our Employees and Volunteers to sit through an extensive virtual training session. This training equips them to manage crisis conversations effectively.

Raise Awareness & Build Advocacy

Stigma keeps people from addressing mental health issues. We work with governments, educational institutions, civil society and media to combat the bias and build support for mental health counselling and interventions.
Prioritize your mental health
Take the first step. Call us to re-set, re-energize and re – build your life
Live your life by getting the much-needed support from our experts when needed

1 in 3

people who message or call us are anxious or suicidal

10 lakh+

confidential conversations have been participated in


universities/colleges have sent us students/interns for training
“Took help for my panic attack on 28 August 2021 at 6.54 am. Counselor was really empathic and helped me tide over. Writing this email to express my gratitude towards help given by counselor and Vandrevala Foundation”
“Thanks Vandrevala Foundation and all the counsellor for being with from last nine months. Previous counsellors were quite helpful, now also they are. Thanks at for your valuable time.
I will rate Vandrevala 10/10”
“I used to feel disturbed with a lot that was happening in my life. I felt nice after talking to you. Sometimes, we get lost in life and finding the right advice is a blessing. I received it from Vandrevala Foundation. Thank you so much. Things are better now”
“It was a great experience with Vandrevala mental health organization. The counselor was very patient and was very supportive
and listened to my pain I felt
so happy thank you”

Skill Academy

The Vandrevala Foundation recruits committed volunteers to staff our mental health crisis intervention services. We offer different volunteering opportunities through which you can help support those in need of mental health counselling.
Know More
In 2009, Vandrevala Foundation established a mental health helpline in India that provided free psychological counselling and crisis intervention for anyone feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, lonely, suicidal or simply struggling to cope.
14 years and 1 million+ conversations later, we continue to give mental health top priority. Our emergency mental health support service is operational 24 X 7 X 365 days for all those who need immediate help.

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