How do I know I need counselling?
Who should I go to for counselling?
What does online counselling treat?
What is the difference between Free and Paid services?
How do I know my counsellor from free session is available on paid session?
What to expect during counselling?
What are the terms for termination of services?

Termination is the term for the process when a client is ending services with a particular counsellor or organization. A client might switch to another counsellor or end sessions altogether. There are various reasons for termination, some of which are:

  • Mismatch of expectations
  • Client requires specialized care which is out of the scope of current engagement.

In all the situations mentioned above, counsellor will help the client with referrals and planning for the future course of action.

How can I extend a session?
How do I choose the right counsellor?
Can I cancel or pause sessions with my online counsellor?
What types of questions can I expect counsellors to ask me?
Why should I choose online counselling over traditional, in-person therapy?
What technical equipment do I need for online counselling?
What degrees or qualifications will my counsellors have?
How much does online counselling cost and for how long will I need it?