Is my conversation with the counsellor, private and confidential?

Yes, all information shared by a client with the counselors is safe, secure and confidential.

We hear a long message before the call is connected, is that necessary?
What happens if no one picks the call or replies to the message?
Will I get to talk with the same counselor who I was comfortable sharing my concerns with in the previous sessions?
How many times can I call on the free helpline?
Can I ask for a counselor who can speak a specific regional language?
Can I WhatsApp in Hindi or any other regional languages?
Can I ask for a female/male counselor considering the issues I am facing?
How do I know that I am suffering from a mental disorder?
I have taken a self-test and diagnosed as …. What do I do now?
Why is call/chat being recorded? Can I request for it to be deleted? If so, how can that be done?
I am seeking help for a friend with a mental health issue. Can you give some tips on how I can help my friend?
If I ask you to call a friend/family member who is suffering from a critical mental health condition, would you talk to him/her?
I am on _____ medication and I want to know if I should continue or modify my medication. Can you advise me on this?
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